Tiny thing

Things feel hopeless. Really wretchedly hopeless. I’m tired and I’m scared and I’m angry. And I feel completely helpless. And when I feel that way, the best thing to do is to find some tiny thing to do to help someone else. Mostly because it’s good to help, but also because it makes me feel just a little bit less awful, and wow do I need that right now.⁠

So from now through Sunday, Dollop and Peached are both 25% off with the code EVERYONE NEEDS TO EAT. All profits from the sale of these two patterns from now through Sunday will go to my local food bank. ⁠

You can find Dollop (that’s the cupcakes) here: ravelry, payhip. And you can find Peached (that’s the peach and apple) here: ravelry, payhip.  Use the code EVERYONE NEEDS TO EAT in either place (it works for either pattern individually or both together).

⁠And hang in there everyone. I don’t have anything stirring or uplifting to say (I would if I could). Right now all I can say is hold on, and try and do something to help if you can.