Hat weather

Somehow, and I am not at all sure how so please don’t ask, it’s basically September.  It’s basically September, and it’s actually starting to be cool at night.  I am completely torn between ‘wait, slow down, we didn’t actually get a summer what with all the staying home so as to not kill ourselves or our loved ones’ and ‘anything we can do to bring this hell year to an end is great, so bring on fall.’  But since my opinions on the matter won’t actually change the weather, I think I’ll just revel in the cool weather.

Revel, and knit hats.

Lovely, orange hats with pretty, twining leaves.

Because really, a little soothing distraction is rather nice.

Yarn is Shasta by Baah Yarns in the color Orange Amber.  And this will totally be a pattern (likely in September, assuming 2020 doesn’t murder me in my sleep).  Do the mailing list thing if you wish to be pestered when it comes out!