Summer School, Heels and Toes, Anemochory

On Monday we talked a bit about heels and toes, and for the rest of the week I’ll be showing off some of my personal favorites.

These are Anemochory, they make even my alarmingly flat feet look lovely and shapely, and they’re 25% off on ravelry with the code SUMMER SCHOOL through the end of the day, eastern time, Friday July 17.

So the heel on this does exactly what we’ve been talking about all along.  Look for the rib that’s at the heart of the stitch pattern (in this case a 1 by 3 rib) and continue it down the heel.  Oh and go ahead and slip the middle stitch of that 3 stitch wide rib on the wrong side, just to give a bit of that slip stitch reinforcement some folks like.

Same thing on the toes.  By the time you get to the end of the foot, the pattern has drawn together and only a small portion of the fabric is textured.  So it’s easy to just keep working the ribbing (and leave out the bit with the holes) all the way down to the tip of your toes.  It’s basically no extra work, it looks great, and I totally think you should be doing it to all your socks (even if the pattern doesn’t call for it)!

Alrighty, so those were four of my favorite fancy heels and toes. Next week we’ll talk about slippers, because if you like knitting socks you’re probably going to like knitting slippers too!