Summer School, Heels and Toes, By Naughty Design

On Monday we talked a bit about heels and toes, and for the rest of the week I’ll be showing off some of my personal favorites.

These are By Naughty Design, they do everything I want a sock to do, and they’re 25% off on ravelry with the code SUMMER SCHOOL through the end of the day, eastern time, Wednesday July 15.

Look, there are a few things you can do with a sock to make it my secret favorite.  Make it mirrored (feet have a direction, so it’s satisfying when socks do to).  Make it comfy (these are basically just fancified version of ribbing, and ribbing makes for the comfiest socks ever).  And give them satisfying heels and toes (I mean…clearly!).

These hit every single one of those points.  And my love for them remains as strong as ever.  I suspect you’ll find them just as satisfying as I do!