You are all delightful!

Thanks so much to everyone who bid on or shared the fundraisers over on instagram.  Thanks to your help and generosity, we raised $1,617.19 (that’s bids, less paypal and postage fees)! I’ve rounded it up to make it easy to divide in half, and sent half off to the Equal Justice Initiative:

And half off to Black Lives Matter:

And yeah, I blanked out my email address/confirmation numbers/last 4 of my credit card…we’re friends and all, but we need to have some boundaries! Oh and someone will get worried that it says Morgan, but that’s my first name (so that’s what’s on the credit cards/bank accounts). Hunter is my middle name (and what I’ve always gone by). Just in case you were worried it’s an elaborate evil plot. I’m too tired for elaborate evil plots right now.

Thank you all again, it feels so good to be able to do a little something to help out the folks doing the hard work!

And, if you’re looking for a little something to read to keep learning more about how deeply deeply ingrained racism is in so many aspects of our society check out this syllabus that the folks at JSTOR put together.  I pretty much promise there’s something there you didn’t know.  Go, learn things, be cooler after you learn things, rinse and repeat!