Much better

See? That’s much better (where better is defined as ‘more to my liking,’ I get that it’s subjective).

That is making the part of my brain that likes speckles and soft things and somehow gloomy-but-luminous things very very very happy.

I pretty much never regret ripping if the yarn isn’t quite right.  In fact, I pretty much always regret not ripping if the yarn isn’t quite right.

And yes, normally the swatch is enough to tell.  But every now and then it isn’t.

But in this case, the new pairing is an absolute delight, and I’m so glad I switched!

The gray yarn is Magpie Fibers Swany Sock base in the color Lite Brite. The floof is Biches & Buches LePetit Silk & Mohair base in the color Dark Orange Gray.⁠  And they were clearly meant for one another.