Just real quick before we finish

So, there’s this thing that sometimes happens where the easily distracted part of my brain says ‘hey, what would happen if we tweaked this one little bit?’ And the ever so much more practical part of my brain has to come along and say ‘nope, make a decision and stick to it.’  And usually the practical big wins.  But occasionally the distractable part makes a convincing enough case that it’s worth indulging, just a little.

And the whole time I was knitting this, the distractable part of my brain kept hopping up and down and saying more colors More Colors MORE COLORS.

And while I’m not actually going to knit a second hat (not enough yarn, not enough time, not enough stamina), I think I have decided to include an extra chart and notes in the pattern explaining how you’d do it this way if that was the sort of thing your distractable brain demands.