Just one more row

This might possibly have the biggest ‘just one more row’ vibes of anything I’ve ever knit.

You create each row of zig zags over the course of a couple of rows of knitting, and the urge to just blast through the rows it takes to get on more perfect line of zig zags is more or less irresistible.

I mean not that I’m complaining, this is not sad news.

But it does mean you’re done awfully quickly.

Which means you get to admire that…which may just be the cutest hat crown ever.

Yes, there will be a pattern (the folks over on IG pestered me into it…apparently if I want to not write a pattern I need to only post pics of it on twitter/blog/ravelry, but that’s a whole separate conversation).  If you want to hear when it’s out, do the mailing list thing.  You’re clever, you know how the internet works!