There are few things as deeply satisfying as pulling out the button jar, upending it on the table, and having a good root around for the perfect button.

It’s that perfect combination of thrifty (look how clever I am for having saved buttons, now I don’t have to go buy them), crafty (behold, I have made a thing that requires a button, I have skills and can do neat things), and shiny (so. many. pretty. colors. so. much. sparkle).⁠

And something like this, where you just need One Single Perfect Button is extra fun, because there’s no worry about whether you have enough that match. And it’s not something you wear, so you don’t even have to have the conversation about whether delicate antique buttons are practical for something that will invariably end up in the washing machine.⁠

All of which is me saying that I’ll be over here playing magpie and admiring the sparkles for the next little while. ⁠


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