So, I have a couple of cozy house sweaters that have that stupid, irritating band at the bottom. The band like you see on the bottom of sweatshirts. The one that causes the sweater to pull in just at the point where my body goes out.  This is not ideal.⁠⠀
So today, today I fixed it.⁠

I stared at the band at the side of the sweater, and saw that there was a seam there. So I grabbed my seam ripper (they are so handy, you should have one) and sliced it right on open (as always, amazon links are affiliate links).

It took literally 30 seconds. The edges of the fabric are finished, so it’s not going to come apart. If I get to feeling very industrious, I may take some thread and throw a few stitches in right above the top of the slit, just to reinforce it a bit, but I don’t think it will be necessary.

And now the sweater does not pull in right at the spot where I flare out, and all is right with the world (well no, it’s not, but all is right with my pjs, and that’s a start).