Alrighty, so the Im(peach)ment Peach is totally happening.  I have whirled through the pattern in record time.  It’s off with testers right now (so we can make sure that me wanting to get this out fast does not mean you swear at the pattern a lot…swearing at the news is fine, swearing at the pattern is distasteful).  I need to knit one or two more so I can take cute pictures (tell me baking a pie to use as a prop is overkill), but with luck it will be out late next week.

I’m totally going to donate some of the money this pattern makes to a good cause.  I think we’ll send the first check off to RAICES, with hopefully one to the Southern Poverty Law Center after that.  I’ll keep the pattern page updated with where the next round of donations are going (and screenshots of the donations you all help me make) as we go along.  Keep an eye out for a poll on twitter and/or ravelry next week I finalize the list of places to donate to.

And if you want to be on the mailing list so you hear when this one comes out (I know most of you already are, but people have asked, so I’m going to be scandalously direct and just say it), you can make that happen right over here.

And while you’re waiting, how about taking a second and seeing if you’re registered to vote?