While we’re at it

So, let’s fix another hat top while we’re at it.  Remember how I said I did not madly love the top of the turquoise hat?  And how brioche hat tops should be a thing of joy?  Yeah.  So let’s fix it.

Here’s what it looked like at first.  The decrease lines are just a little too jagged and not swirly enough.  It’s not awful, but it’s not great.

So step one is ripping it out.  I jammed needles in the stitches so I could just rip back and know when to stop and have an easy time getting the live stitches back on the needles.  You could tink back, but that’s slow.  And you could just rip back with abandon, but that’s a pain if you go too far.  This lets you rip (speedy) but have a good break (safe) where you need to stop.

Then I knit it back up with slightly different lines.  Totally better.  Totally worth fixing.

For folks who’ve been asking, this will likely come out some time late this winter (January/February ish).  As always, the way to hear when stuff comes out is to be on the mailing list (I’m torn between thinking you totally already know this, and knowing that I get at least a few emails a week asking how someone can hear when a pattern comes out, so I try to mention it from time to time).  Clicky the giant thing right down there to make that happen!

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