I was overcome earlier this week.  Some yarn winked at me.  I found myself unable to resist.  And before I knew it, there was a whole new hat in the world.

This might well be my personal record holder for speed knitting.

I cast on Monday night and cast off Tuesday night.  It was less than 24 hours from cast on to bind off (I mean, it took it a bit longer than that to dry after I blocked it…but I’m totally saying drying time doesn’t count).  This is what happens when you’re home alone, have a shiny new audio book, and use really bulky yarn.

Like most brioche, it looks awfully nifty on the inside and the outside.

And like most hats, I secretly wish I’d been more stoic and knit the brim about 5 inches deep so I could cuff it.  But that would make it a much-more-than-24-hour hat.

I’m going to be a meanie and spread this out over more than one blog post (because I’ve been doing this ten years now and the one constant truth of putting stuff on the internet is you always need more content).  But it won’t be long.  And I think I may actually be able to turn this into a pattern and sneak it onto the calendar here in the next few months too!

Yarns are Malabrigo’s Mecha in Lotus (the purple one) and Worsted in Natural (the white one, but you could probably guess that).