So, when last I left you, the amazing color wheel hat had just been cast on.

I worked about half an inch and then tried it on.  And, alas, my swatch had led me astray (this can happen if your swatch is too small, and my swatch was way too small.  My too small swatch led to a too big hat.

So I swore, ripped it out, swore, wound up the yarn, swore, and cast on again.  The swearing is vital.  If you leave that step out, you’ll loose all steam.

Clearly I did enough swearing to keep this one moving along!  It’s just about time for the pretty swirly bits.  I’ll show them off next!

P.S. I’m keeping the project posts to the weekend this month, because I’m doing summer school posts during the week. If you want to watch this grow in something closer to real time, come over to instagram, I’m showing it off a bunch there (including in stories, where you can videos of me prattle about it).