I mean is it old? Or is it a classic?

So if you were to show up at my house (don’t…it would be weird) and start digging around in my office baskets looking for the oldest project languishing there waiting for some attention (really don’t…that would move from weird into totally unacceptable, I’d ask you to leave), you’d eventually find this.

How old is it? Well it was a pattern I contributed to a book that came out in 2013, which means I probably knit it something like 7 or 8 years ago.

These pictures here are from when I dragged that original book sample (a bit worse for wear even then) off with me on a trip in the fall of 2016. I had this idea that I’d take pictures and re-release it.  The rights came back to me ages ago, and I’d been meaning to do it, but just never quite got round to it. Mostly because I sort of felt like it deserved a new sample.  And, as I looked at these pictures, I realized it really really really did deserve a new sample.  Because wow is it cute…and wow are there one or two tiny things I want to tweak for an updated version.

So blast it all, I’m going to knit it a new sample. Because it really is absolutely darling, and it deserves to be shown off properly.

But that does mean knitting something for a second time (never my strong suit), so if you could send all of your cheerleading/do the thing/just get on with it already vibes this way, I suspect I’m going to need them!