They grew

Turns out, if you keep making stitches at even a slightly faster rate than you rip them out, your project will eventually grow.  Even if you’re tired.  Even if it’s been raining for two weeks straight.  Even if you have a crew full of marvelous folks doing necessary but noisy (oh so noisy) repair work at your house.

And if your knitting grows for long enough, you get to make a thumb.

And if your brain works the way mine does, two things happen.  First, you absolutely adore the thumb.  Second, you think it looks just the tiniest bit like a cartoon circus tent.  But somehow you kinda don’t mind at all.

Not even a little bit sad about that.  Just wait till you see it all poufed out (being trapped on a needle makes it much flatter than it is in real life).  It’s unspeakably satisfying.

The matching hat is coming out early in May, and then these will follow along mid month so you can revel in them too if you’re as smitten as I am!