Home stretch

Ok, so we’re going to run out of days before we run out of hats…

I mean don’t worry, the hats are all done and ready to go.  But I try not to post on here every day (because really…you’ll get quite sick of me), so we’re going speed this one up a bit.

Let’s pretend it went from that up there to this right here in the blink of an eye!  I’m going to assume you can more or less imagine that there was a middle stage there in between where it was shorter and just leave that as an exercise for the reader.

And by a similar magical process, it’s going to go from ‘pile of slightly rumply hats on a rock in my office’ to ‘shiny pattern all ready to go in time for next Tuesday’ (that transformation involves less knitting and more typing, but it’s probably also not super interesting for the observers…but both have to happen before it can leap onto your needles).

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