Next up

So I mean naturally the next thing to do is cast on the second hat.  You’ve got to maintain your momentum, right?

The first one took less than half of each skein, so it should be easy enough to get a second one done with the same yarn.

That’s always a little risky to say (because if you decide you want to knit yours four inches taller to do a huge folded brim & your head is way bigger & you want it to be slouchy…maybe not).  But I’m pretty confident it will work for like 99% of folks (one of the benefits of having a giant head…if I can get two that fit me, you can pretty much be sure you’ll get two that fit you).

And one more time for new folks (hi!), it’s all slipped stitches.  Which means it’s all super easy (really…move a stitch from one needle to the other…that’s it) and you only ever have to worry about one yarn per round.  It’s totally my favorite way to get the fun of playing with two colors without having to actually do proper colorwork (which always feels fiddly to me).

Pattern in early March, but first I need to get one more hat done!


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