All grown up

So, those itty bitty hats we did back before the holidays?  Yeah, they needed people versions.

Now…I am totally not diligent enough to make all 12 of them into people versions.  Because that is…well…that is an unreasonable amount of knitting/photography to pull off for one pattern.  A dozen hats is a book, not an individual pattern.  I’m just not that cool.

But…I can manage a few…likely three.

So I’ve picked some of my favorites and am zipping along.

Yarns are Alegria Grande (in Natural) and Maxima (in Daffodil), both by Manos del Uruguay (looks like one skein of each yarn should be enough to knit two hats).  If I knit with a color called daffodil, it’s pretty much guaranteed to make the flowers come up sooner right?  That’s totally how it works?  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


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