Left right left

Yeah, I’m over here loving everything about this.

I can’t decide which side I like better…they’re both pretty darn nifty.

And don’t stress, reversible cables are NOT hard.  You know how normally you’re working cables over just knit stitches?  Like you cross three knits over three knits?  Yeah, well if instead you cross ribbing over ribbing (so think knit one purl one knit one over knit one purl one knit one) magic happens.

All of a sudden the back of your fabric gets very spiffy indeed.

Take the time to twist those purls, then the front and back look even more different from each other and things get really impressive (yeah yeah, I know some of you don’t like it…and no one can make you do it…but if you take the time to it is rather lovely).

The general plan is for these to be February’s patterns (the hat early in the month, some matching mitts later in the month).  So if you’re feeling the urge to jump in you can cast on soon!


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