And done!

And with that, I declare the preorder done!  Packages have been set out for the postman (some of you are even reporting yours have arrived already!), the eversion is live on ravelry.  If you bought the paper one, you’ll get an email from me later this afternoon (to the email address you use for paypal) with instructions to let you get your eversion.

EDIT TO ADD: The emails have gone out!  Remember, they went to the email address you use with paypal (that’s the same one your receipt went to and the same one your tracking information went to).  If you don’t see it, be sure you check your junk/spam folders first.  And if you still don’t see it, get in touch.  The best way to do that is to hit forward the paypal receipt you got to me (hunter at pantsville press dot com will reach me), that way I’ll have all your purchase info and can help you track it down!

Thanks so much to everyone who preordered!  I hope you absolutely adore the book and make something marvelous.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go do something that does not involve boxes or envelope glue or mailing labels for a few days until my brain is back in order!