The math was right!

Yup, I totally had enough yarn.  I was worried at first, but then there was a bit of knitting and a bit of math, and I felt better.  But even after that it’s always a little nerve-wracking when you know you can’t get more yarn.  So I was absolutely delighted to find that I did indeed have plenty.

I did a lot of fiddling around to keep the decreases centered (normally decreases lean left or lean right, but neither looked right with this lovely panel in there, so I had to do something a bit unorthodox.

And yes, I know it looks a bit like a bucket had an accident right now, but after it’s blocked and smooth, I suspect it will be rather delightful!

As soon as it’s dry, I’ll wander out for some photos.  The plan is to release the mitts that go with this next week, then the hat in early October and the cowl in mid October (and then after that, Curls 3 will take up all my spare brain cycles for a few weeks)!

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