I see your point…

We’re having a KAL for Scintillation, and I’d be delighted if you joined us!  I find I want to knit a few more of these, but it feels like some sort of breach of etiquette to knit in my own KAL.  So I’m going to pretend that what I’m doing is using a few more stars as a way to talk about some finer points of making these.  But we all know what I’m really doing is indulging myself and making a few more.  But don’t tell anyone, ok?



Join Us!

So, the next most common question (after ‘do I have to use six dpns?‘) has been, ‘do I have to have five points on my star?’ And once again, the answer is nope, nope you can totally adjust that too.

I’ve done them with both four and six points.  And enough people have asked that I’m going to release a little addition to the pattern to tell you how to do that if you’re feeling the urge.  Look for that shortly (probably tomorrow…I need the water to go down low enough for me to get out where I took the pictures for these).  And dont’ worry, if you have the pattern in your rav library, you’ll get the update!

Edit to add:  Aaaaaand whoosh, the 4/6 point version is up. It’s been sent to everyone who has it in your ravelry library (post here from ravelry on how to find updates if you need help with that).  And anyone who buys the pattern going forward will have the new version too!