They’re multiplying

 Hi, did you just find this from pinterest?  If you’re looking for the star pattern, it’s right over here!


Remember? Remember when I was downright scandalized I’d knit thirteen of these things?

Yeah, well, those were the good old days.  I had to cut myself off at 21 (by which I mean I made myself go out and take the pictures for the pattern…because if I waited until I was sick of knitting these to take the pictures, I’d totally miss the launch date).

The pattern is due out Tuesday, meaning you’ll have plenty of time to knit a mountain of them if you’re so inclined (mailing list folks always get a heads up and a discount).  And if you absolutely won’t rest this weekend without something soft and tiny and cute to keep your needles busy…well I have it on good authority that the stars play nicely with the hearts!