Alrighty, it’s time for a genera update post.  Because there’s rather a lot going on, and it’s all swimming around in my head, and I want it out of my head and in one place so I can point you guys at it when you ask.  So, in more or less chronological order:

Firmament preorder is done (yay!), books have started arriving in mailboxes across the land.  If you missed it, you can ask your yarn shop to carry the paper one (I promise, they like that, I like that, it’s good for everyone) or look on amazon, or you can get the electronic one on ravelry.

Stars are the next pattern coming out (likely September 4).

They’ll likely be followed later in September and in early October by the cuffs/cowl/hat patterns in that lovely gray yarn.

Then in late October, Curls 3 will arrive.

November will have a more patterns (including some frankly adorable ornaments), and then I’m mostly taking December off (by which I mean working on next year’s book), because it’s been a heck of a year!

As always, the most reliable way to hear about stuff as it comes out is the mailing list.  (I always worry I’m being a pest by mentioning that, but then I get people saying ‘what, why didn’t you tell me xyz came out’ and I say something like ‘er…I mean I sort of did…on the mailing list and the blog and instagram and twitter and ravelry’ and then they say they missed it…so I’m trying to find a balance between bugging you to death and having you miss things you want to hear about, and the occasional reminder seems like a move in that direction).