And done!

And with that, the preorder is officially done!

The full eversion is live on ravelry now (check your ravelry library for the update).  The vast majority of the books are in the mail (the orders that came in during the last hour or so of the preorder remain, but I’ll take care of them today and they’ll be in tomorrow’s mail).  If you didn’t have a chance to grab yours, yarn shops will start to carry it in the next few days, and some time next week or so amazon will have it as well.

That was great fun (first preorder in the new house…so much easier here than in Cleveland), and I’m totally looking forward to doing it again in October when Curls 3 comes out.

But today…today I’m going to pack up that last little stack of orders that came in just as the preorder was closing and then go have a lie down.  I think I earned it!