Real enough

One of these days I’ll tell you the story of the horrible yarn shop I visited when I was a brand new knitter.  The one where the owner made it very clear that real knitters only knit sweaters (and only out of very thin, very expensive wool at that).

Every now and then I think of her…especially when I’m knitting something like this.

Definitely not the sort of thing a real knitter would be making…heavens no…what a scandalous idea (that noise you hear is the sound of my eyes rolling so hard it hurts).

But I’m having an awful lot of fun with them and they feel real enough to me!

I’ve got the process down to the point where you have no seams, only two ends to weave in, and lots of choices for size and texture.  I just need to stop knitting them and actually write them down.  Pattern should be out this fall (yes, in plenty of time for folks who want to knit buckets of them for Christmas…I totally understand the urge)!


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