Swatches swatches lots and lots of swatches

So that book? The one I was flashing about the other day? Yeah, one of the things in is is a mini stitch dictionary.  As I was working out the stitches I used in the patterns, I did lots of swatching.  And while I did eventually have to pick one version of the stitches for each pattern, the other versions were too good to throw away.

So I did the only reasonable thing and decided I’d include a few of them in the book as a mini stitch dictionary.  Totally reasonable, right?  Let’s pretend it is!

I’ve never done anything quite like this before, and it was both fun (yay, I get to show off something other than just the variation of the stitch I settled on for the pattern) and a tiny bit weird (what do you mean I’m done after I knit the swatch…the swatch is just the beginning).  But it was fun to play with, and I hope it’s something folks will like.

Book will be out mid August, I’ll have all the details soon.  I’m working out something fun to do for the preorder folks, and I have to make sure I have that pinned down before I officially share the plan, but it’s totally coming!