Bigger bigger ever bigger

Decreases done, all joined up to work in the round, and now it flies.

These go together the same way the Quiescent slippers from a few years ago did, though these won’t need a strap (some day I’m going to revisit straps on slippers though…there’s more to be done there).

I’m way faster knitting in the round than flat, so these won’t take long at all.  And this time…this time I’ll take notes on what I do at the toes (we’ll not dwell on how I may have ripped the first slipper’s toe out because I got tired of trying to figure out what clever thing I did six months ago and decided it would be quicker to rip and do it over).

Pattern later this month. And if you’re feeling a slipper urge in the meantime, I’ve got a few others to keep your needles busy until then!