Ends…so many ends

So when the inside of your project looks like this…

There’s going to be a point where you’re confronted with these…

And you have a little breakdown.  But then? Then you remember that you were once an eight year old girl, and you won’t be daunted by a mess of strings.  So you do this.

Now is it the most practical thing?  No.  Should you just weave in your ends like a grown up?  Probably.  But I’m doing this (then tacking it down to the inside of the hat to hide the bundle of ends).  Because it’s my hat and I want to.

I’ll write up how I did it in the pattern, just in case anyone is as amused by this as I am.  Though really, I’m sure you’re all ever so much more grown up and respectable and would never ever ever find something like this entertaining.  Nope.  Not at all.

Pattern likely out next Tuesday (I’m trying really hard to show you things much closer to when they come out…we’ll see how long it lasts, but for now, if you’re smitten, there’s not long to wait).


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