Worth it

So the brim is a slog. It always is.  Every time.  And I’m totally upfront about how the last five inches of the five and a half inch brim are not my most fun bit of knitting ever.  But…if you put in your time and you put in your stitches and eventually you’re done.  And then?  Then you get to do the fun bit!

And here the fun bit is awfully fun.  That’s just a really pretty little stitch.

And every single row of the brim will be worth it when I love wearing it!

Normal stuff applies…yes it will be a pattern (pretty much everything I knit is!).  I can’t say just when, but I expect it will be this year.  I might have a little plan for that purple hat you saw and this one and maybe one with that awesome gray swatch you saw the other day and constellate.  Because plans are fun!


Looking for this pattern?

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