We’ve talked about this before, but just for the record, I’m still strongly in favor of blocking your cowls.  And I’m still absolutely convinced this is the best way to do it.

I started by threading blocking wires through the fabric at the top and bottom (you can hold them closed with a paperclip, or you can just keep threading the ends through until you’ve used up the whole wire).  Then I used long needles tucked under the wires to make spokes at the top, and set the whole thing on a roll of paper towels.

There’s some flexibility here.  You don’t have to use knitting needles across the top.  You can use pencils or dowels or rulers or whatever else you have that’s skinny and long.  And you don’t have to use paper towels in the middle.  You can use anything that’s tall enough and fits inside your knitting to hold it up (vase? a bottle of orange juice?).  Go wandering around your kitchen and bathroom, I bet you’ve got something that would work!

And you’re wondering, this cowl (and the matching mitts!) are out with testers right now.  They’ll probably be February’s pattern (once again, all I need is the final pictures, and I’ll be taking those just as soon as the broken leg is well enough to safely pull that off).  But soon…very soon!


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