I’m sensing a theme

So yeah…things have been a tiny bit busy (finalizing patterns for Curls 3…getting ready for Silk Road Socks launch…oh yeah and another slightly terrifying project I’ll tell you about some time later this summer if it doesn’t do me in first).  And that means I am not doing nearly enough knitting.  We were away for more than a week and I knit about 4 rows of that silly face cloth.  And we’ve been home for more than a week and well…I’ve knit about 4 more rows.  I don’t think I’ve ever knit this little (and I’m quite sure I don’t like it one bit).

So for now, that will have to do.  And if one of you could get me about three extra hours in the day, I promise to knit more and show it off.  But for now…it’s knitting or sleeping, and the sleeping is winning!