A fold here, a tuck there…

So when the knitting’s done, you do a little magic, and end up with something like this.

Which sure, it’s cute enough, though a bit ruffled.  Well you know what I’m going to tell you to do.  You need to block that hat!

And for this one?  For this one we get to use a whole new blocking prop.  Marbles.  Yes really marbles.  I’m every bit as amused as you are (quite likely more).

And when it’s done?  Well when it’s done it’s rather delightful.

And yes, yes there will be a pattern down the road (almost certainly in July).  Make sure you’re signed up for the mailing list if you want to know when it comes out (folks on the mailing list get a coupon code when it comes out too, and it’s for a bigger discount than the one I do here on the blog).  I have a feeling this one is going to be a lot of fun!


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