Oh my goodness how have I not shown you guys this…

So you know how I’ve been showing you all sorts of yarn for Curls 3?  Yeah…well that doesn’t just sit around being yarn, it gets turned into swatches.  Lots and lots and lots of swatches!

That’s the Squish DK by Spun Right Round in Frost (and that’s a super reversible stitch, which is always lovely for curls).

And then how about a bit of Magnificent DK from Knit Circus in Brass and Steam (and yes, that is a circular needle…what is the world coming to!).

And last but not least how about a bit of Cheshire cat by Wonderland Yarns in their Yellow to Fuchsia color morph and Goat’s Beard.

I guess the pace of swatching has just outpaced the speed of blogging!  Which is actually a lovely reminder for me to let you know that a lot of this stuff shows up on my instagram account before it’s on the blog.  It tends to be a bit faster over there, so if you want to see things a bit closer to real time, that’s the place to do it!