So, I’m eyebrows deep in Curls 3 swatches.  Which is a fairly pleasant place to be (this is the part where I get to have All The Ideas), but it does make for rather limited blogging.

I did start getting twitchy about not having finished anything just lately though and so finished up the World’s Most Cheerful Hat.  It started out looking something like this.

Then with a bit of a fold here and a pinch there and a wiggle there looked like this.

And with a bit of strategic fiddling that turned into this.

Which is all well and good and lovely.  But then…then I turned it inside out and it looked like seven kinds of awesome (completely to my surprise…I never planned for that to happen).  The kind where all of a sudden I have a whole new plan and suddenly find myself planning to do a second version and show it off properly.  I’ll show you what the inside looks like next time!


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