This is why we swatch

So every now and then, some lovely person says ‘oh, all your knitting is so pretty.’  And that’s very very kind, but it’s also totally not true.  A fair bit of my knitting actually looks like absolute trash.  It’s just that I usually go through that stage while I’m swatching, not on the full project stage of things.  See?

Absolute crap.  There is nothing appealing about this save the yarn.

But the secret is, that’s just a swatch.  It’s all of three inches across.  That means I can keep going and keep experimenting and it’s just not a big deal.  And if you keep going long enough, you usually end up with something better.

See now this is way better. Same yarn, same needles, same general ideas…just this variation is starting to look orderly and intentional and dare I say it, pretty.  This I can work with…

Yarn is Tosh Merino Light in Turquoise and Tosh Vintage in Smokestack, and this will (once it’s done being a whole long strip of swatches) be the third in the set of hats.

But really…if you start thinking my knitting is pretty all the time, remember that the only reason that’s even maybe true is that I knit a lot of ugly swatches!


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