Two at a time

Cuff the second is well underway.  And it’s actually gotten seasonably cold around here, so I’m eager to have them done (and photographed…around here ‘done’ also includes ‘has had proper pattern photos taken’) so I can wear them.

I’m totally holding the green yarn (it’s Silk Cloud by Shibui) double as I work it.  That’s both to make it a bit more substantial (though really, it’s pretty darn sturdy even with just one layer, I love how these cuffs worked with just one strand came out) and to give me a bit more of that delightful halo you get with mohair/silk yarns like this.

I just pull from the inside and outside of the ball at the same time, and I don’t have any problems with that.  But a few folks have looked at this aghast and informed me the ensuing tangles will bring the whole world to an end.  So if you’re worried, you’re totally allowed to divide your ball in two and work it that way instead.


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