Tippy top

As promised, here’s the top of the hat.

It hasn’t quite been blocked yet (because blocking means I need to clean my sink, and that is just currently too hard), but you can still see it’s going to be nifty.

It does a lovely poufy, structured thing when you’ve got it on, and that should be even more pronounced once it’s had a nice firm block (I’m considering using paper clips or something to help emphasize the pleats when I block it…I’ll show it off if I do and it works well.

And no, I’m still not quite sure which part will be the front and which the side.  I’m pretty sure I like it both ways!

If all goes according to plan, I’ll likely be looking for testers for this pattern and the matching mitts next week (there’s a testing thread over in my rav group where I announce that stuff if you’d like to keep an eye out for it).  And if we ever have a day of nice weather again, I might even get the pattern out this spring!


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