So I have this thing where I get super surly if something I like and use all the time wears out.  I mean I know it’s inevitable and normal, but it still makes me cranky.  So when one of my most worn pajama sweaters (yes, I do have designated pajama sweaters, but that’s a discussion for another day) got a hole in the elbow I figured I could fix it.

Now, when I say fix, the goal wasn’t to fix it invisibly (it’s a cotton sweater made out of two colors of yarn with teeny stitches, invisible would have been hard if not impossible).  It wasn’t even to fix it subtly.  The goal was ‘the hole won’t get any bigger’ with double extra bonus points for both ‘and your elbow doesn’t feel drafty’ and ‘it looks funny.’

DSC_1263 copySo I grabbed a bit of yarn (I’d have used bright yellow embroidery floss if I had any handy, but I didn’t, so this will work).  And then just loop loop looped all the way around the outside edge.

DSC_1268 copyThen, following the remaining bits of fabric where there were any, but mostly just making it up, I went back and forth across the middle a few times.  I think it looks like nothing so much as an easter egg, it amuses me to no end, and it means the pajama sweater should live to fight another day.  I’m calling it a win!