We’re going to consider this a lesson on the virtues of swatching.  I’m dying to do something with this yarn (from Spun Right Round, the color name is Bug Jar, because I know one of you is going to want it too).  But speckled yarn seems to require a bit of extra care in pattern selection.

speckles 1It seems that things with a lot of stockinette show it off best.  But as much as I like wearing things with great huge swaths of stockinette, I can’t actually stand knitting it.  So the most low key way I could think of to break it up was a bit of slip/cross action.  But even sticking to that, there’s still some room for variation.

speckles 2I think I’ve settled on a version I’m happy with.  I’ll cast on when my shiny new needles get here (I’m having a fight with the needles up there and they need to spend some time in time out).  I’ve got oodles of yarn, so I’ll likely do a little set.  I just need to decide if it wants to be a hat and cowl or a hat and mitts or maybe mitts and a cowl…