Hat of Infinite Happiness

Right, so you know how pretty much all knitting is lovely and fun and a good thing? But then there’s some knitting that is just Your Personal Perfect Knitting?  Yeah, so this is mine.

DSC_6417 copyThe top is just the way I like the tops of my hats to be (flat, which leads to a tiny bit of pouf but not unseemly amounts of slouch).

DSC_6421 copyIt fits my (giant melon of a) head just right, with just the right amount of brim but not too much (a tricky dance, and one no store bought hat ever manages).

DSC_6413 copyAnd the colors.  Oh the colors.

So yeah, totally my sort of hat.  There will totally be a pattern (first I suspect I may knit a second variation on the hat or maybe even a cowl or some mitts or something…maybe…it might just be perfect enough to stand on its own).  But for now, I’m just going to sit here and pet it.