A hat in slow motion

If you wandered over from pinterest and are looking for the pattern, it’s called Pelagic and it’s out on ravelry!

First things first, you’ve got to put your time in on the band.  There’s no way around it.

DSC_6234But then you get to play.

DSC_6236I’m pretty sure this is exactly the right thing to do with that yarn you bought in an effort to be more colorful, but then you realized you are secretly a little scared of too much color, and so you tucked it away in the back corner of your stash where it couldn’t give your other yarn any upstart ideas.

DSC_6242 sBecause really, when properly fenced in with a nice respectable gray, the wild yarn is rather marvelous.

DSC_6254 sThe gray is Quince & Company Chickadee in Kumliens Gull, the purple is Seven Sisters Arts Meridian in a one of a kind color.  And the hat?  The hat is mine all mine.