Lickity split

Well that took no time at all.  Normally I’d do several posts of progress shots just to show you how something was coming along (and assuage any concerns I was spending all my days napping), but this was knit in pretty much two sessions, so it hardly seems fair.  I’m going to sneak some progress shots in just because I actually did grab them, but really just imagine the whole hat zooming together so fast it’s a blur.

DSC_6213Oh and the inside of this one is unaccountably amusing.  A little too busy for me to want it to be the outside, but I suspect someone out there with bolder taste in head wear might just pull it off.

DSC_6209Then I blinked and it was done, ends woven in, and blocked.  Cute as can be!

DSC_6231Now the theory is this should fit the small human in question next winter (spring, at least in theory, being well underway at this point).  But it still looks impossibly tiny.  Damn cute too!

DSC_6226Er, and a gray and purple version in more of an adult head size may just possibly have fallen on the needles.  These things happen you understand.  Best not to fight it.