So the cowl grew and grew and grew.

DSC_6138And then at some point, it was done.  Bound off, flippy as all get out (as you’d expect from stockinette), and ready for a soak.

DSC_6146And here’s where the magic happened.  I soaked it, squeezed it out, and flopped it on my desk.  No pins.  No wires.  No tension at all.  Just soak and plop (it will get a more formal blocking later, I was just testing a theory).  And look at that.

DSC_6174It laid down flat.  Not a bit less flippy, not more or less ok, but flat.   Now part of that is the bind off (I used a yarn over bind off, I think it helps with flippy edges), but most of it is the yarn.  It’s clearly magic.