Easy enough

So I love that you guys are enthusiastic about the idea of listing the sizing information for the sock patterns in the next book in multiple gauges.  That actually makes my life secretly easier, as I may possibly have requested a couple of thicker yarns already.  And if you guys are cool with it, then I don’t have to have the internal debate about ‘do folks know they could totally do this with skinny yarn instead? because they totally could do that.’  Instead I can just say ‘skinny yarn? You’ll get these sizes. Thick yarn? You’ll get these sizes.’ and be done with it.

The yarns I got from Quince are actually a perfect example.  This is their Tern in Beach Glass, and it’s a perfect skinny sock yarn (it’s what I used for Diluvian, and there’s another pair of socks coming this summer that uses it too…when you find a good one, keep using it).

DSC_6161And this is their Chickadee in Caspian.  It’s a sport weight yarn (they suggest 6.5 spi, but I’m going to lean toward 7spi for a sock to make sure it’s sturdy), and will make absolutely delightful thicker socks.

DSC_6156Both are fabulous, and you can happily use either one for socks.  You’re just going to want to make sure you are working at the gauge that suits the yarn.  And I think we can make that happen!