You’ll just have to trust me

So some things are awfully hard to photograph.  The difference in texture between the pre & post blocking version of this yarn is one of them.  Part of that’s my fault (I didn’t take a picture of the actual swatch before I soaked it, so you can’t quite compare like with like just yet), but part of it is just yarn magic and not to be questioned.DSC_6098It looks like this before blocking.  Pay special attention to the stretches of stockinette.  See how there is a good bit of space between the stitches and between the legs of each stitch?

DSC_6100But on the blocked swatch, that’s all filled in (especially on the bottom section, which was done with the size needles I’m using here).  Everything puffs right up and nestles in against its neighbors.  It turns the whole fabric into something much more cohesive.

If I hadn’t swatched this and seen it do this, I’d have been tempted to use smaller needles on my project (and then would have freaked out when it puffed up and became too dense).  But now I get to knit along knowing it will do its magic trick for me when I’m done!

Oh, and yes, it’s another cowl. Apparently I’m not done with them quite yet.  I blame the (delightfully) chilly spring we’re having.