There was just enough yarn left after I finished the first cowl that I couldn’t quite justify letting it go to waste.  So I figured I’d play a nail-biting game of yarn chicken and see if I could squeak a shorter cowl out of what I had left.

second verse 2Totally worked!  Much more of a ‘light chill’ version (as compared to the first one’s ‘arctic blast’ rating), but still totally the sort of thing that lives happily in a coat pocket for when you find yourself wanting a little something warm.

Oh and if you’ve been waiting, Changeful will be available to everyone tomorrow (they were initially exclusive to folks who preordered Fine Things).  If you want a heads up (and a shiny coupon) when they come out, be sure you’re on the mailing list.  Someone always asks, so full disclosure, the discount code the mailing list gets is different/bigger than the one I post here, so do sign up if you want the extra spiffy one.

yellow 1 small