I’m really bad at just making a hat or just making cuffs or just making a cowl.  I like it better when things come in sets.  I’ll make an exception for when I have just a tiny bit of yarn and am doing a project to use that little bit up.  But if I have a whole lovely big pile of yarn, I like sets.

Which is why it should surprise no one that the leftover yarn from the most recent hat leapt onto the needles and did something like this.

DSC_4503And very shortly later, it did something like this.

cuff igAnd as you might expect, the rest is doing something rather similar, but in a right-handed sort of way as we speak.

With any luck at all, The Boy and will head off to the bridge I talked about way back here and get some pictures this weekend.  Which means the pattern will be out in the not-too-distant future (think March or April though, not next week, there’s still rather a lot that has to happen between ‘hey, knitting’ and ‘oh look, a pattern’).