The making of a giant batch of herb salt has turned into a yearly event.  We first did it (complete with something resembling instructions) back here.  And we did it again just about this time last year.  And this week we did it yet again.

herb saltWe use this salt in everything we cook (well…everything except sweets, because that would be odd) and more or less wouldn’t want to cook without it.  You absolutely need to make some of your own.

And this year?  This year we learned something very very important.  You can totally use the food processor instead of a knife, and your salt doesn’t turn to paste.  That turns this from a three hour project to a one hour project and makes it way way way less tedious.  It’s still a bit of work (shucking that much garlic is a pain no matter what, so is stripping that many herbs off their stems), but absolutely worth it.  And my house smells awfully good too.